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Good Work

This week’s good work cards were awarded to:

for good reading and improving his spelling test score
for using good connectives in explanation writing.
Well done boys, keep up the good work!


Congratulations to:

who achieved
Club 99

Good Work

This week’s Good Work Cards were awarded to:

for showing a really good understanding of decimal numbers
and solving problems involving decimals
for choosing to improve his writing
and for effective self assessment.

Well done and keep up the good work!
Who will it be next week?

Firefighter Fun!

We were lucky enough to have a visit on Friday afternoon from some of the officers who work at Woodgate Valley Fire Station. They came to talk to us about fire safety at home. We were given information on how we can get a fire safety check done in our homes. All you have to do is call 0800 389 5525 or go to this link
We also took part in lots of activities that taught us how to sensibly call the fire brigade in an emergency.
Have a look at some of the pictures of our exciting afternoon.

Keep up to date with year 5 news

As yet we have no followers of the year 5 blog. If you or your parents have a personal e-mail address then please register as a follower. You will then be notified, by e-mail, of any new blogs posted on here. A great way for children and parents to keep up to date with all of the year 5 news!
I have also changed the colour and layout of this blog to compliment the existing green of the Kitwell website! Thank you Mr Kendrick for making the year 5 icon pink!
Mrs E

School Closure Tuesday 18th January

Dear Children and Parents,

I am so sorry that we cannot be in school again. I am sure that some of you are concerned that important learning is being missed.

Here are a few things to do while school is closed:

*Homework that was given out on Friday-Spellings, spelling sentences, Numeracy.
*Practise any incorrect spellings from last term. (They should be written in your reading diary.)
*Read, read, read. If you have completed your school books read one of your own.
*Times tables. See if you can get your leap frog this week.

Also go to this website for some fun learning activities.
Click on the link to Education City.
You will need the

Login ID: 330Kitwell
Password: 793337
For Numeracy try Captain Cod, Fish with Manu and Monster Mash.
For Literacy try Shiver Me Timbers, Terror Temple and River Deep.

Have fun learning at home!

Mrs Edwards


A reminder to all children and parents that we start swimming on Friday 15th January. Please ensure that you bring your kit with you and that you leave all jewellery and valuables at home.