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Professor Fluffy Visits Class 5!

This is Professor Fluffy!
She is a Professor in Engineering from Liverpool University 
who came to introduce us to life at College and University.
She helped us to find out lots of things about life after we finish at Secondary school.
Her friends Tina and TJ from Newman University college came to help us with the activities.
We even had a Graduation as students leaving university would do!
In a few weeks we will visit Newman University College
and take part in some lectures and seminars to see what they are like.
We really hope some of our parents and carers will come with us too!
If you would like to find out more about Professor Fluffy and life at university visit her website.
Username: Payne
Password: Wychbury


The following children have achieved the next ‘leap’:

has joined 66 club
has joined 77 club
Megan N
has joined Superstars Division 60

Well done to you all.

Good Work

This week’s gold cards were awarded to:

a huge improvement in her attitude towards Numeracy.
She even did some extra Maths homework!
showing a really good understanding of a comprehension text.
He also wrote his answers in beautiful, joined script.

Well done to both of you!


Lots of children achieved their leapfrog tables challenge this week.
Congratulations to:

Thomas, Conlan and Chelsie
55 club
66 club
Katie W
77 club
Joshua and Oliver

88 club
Megan N
99 club
Nicholas and Joseph
Superstars squares and roots 60

Good work

Congratulations to:

who worked together to design and make a skateboard.

Well done boys!


On Monday we went to King Edward VI Five Ways school to learn about Rockets as part of National Science and Engineering week. We had a really super time and learnt a lot too! We made some rockets using an empty film canister, an Alka Seltzer tablet and some water. We made quite a mess and the canisters were shooting off towards the hall ceiling!! We also made some rockets out of cardboard and launched them across the playground using a compressor. The ones made by us flew the highest and the furthest. We also had chance to see a real space rocket called “Starchaser” that will be sent into space later this year. We were disappointed that we couldn’t go inside it though! Have a look at some of the photographs below.

We had to measure the water very carefully!
It was difficult to measure how high the Alka Seltzer rockets went.
We had to use selotape when making rockets out of cardboard.
We used a tube and added fins and a cone shaped nose to make our rockets.
Our rockets shot right across the playground and onto the field!
The space rocket was huge! We really wanted to see it launched!


Congratulations to the following children who have achieved the next stage of their tables challenge:

66 club
Megan N and Jade
88 club
Superstars Division 80
Superstars Fractions 80