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Snowy Days

In the event of school being closed due to bad weather, these are a few things you can do at home.


You will all have your school reading books to read but you can also read some of your own books if you wish. Why not write a review for one of your favourite stories?


Think of all the wow words and adjectives you can to describe the weather outside. Use these words to write a Winter Poem.

As we are learning about instructions in school, why not write a set of instructions for something at home. You could write about how to use your X Box / Nintendo Wii / DS or other computer console. You could also write how to make a cup of tea, piece of toast or even how to bake cakes/ biscuits if an adult at home will help you!


Tables, tables, tables! Please use your leapfrog tests to practise the more difficult times tables questions. Why not try to write them into some word problems for your friends to solve? You could upload them to your student jotter page.


There are some excellent learning opportunities on the BBC website. Look for data handling activities and instruction writing especially. The links on the coxhoe school website are also very useful.


Try to research the Ancient Greek Gods as much as you can. Find out their names, what they were the God of and see if you can find any myths that they feature in.

Wrap up warm, stay safe and have fun!

Mrs Edwards x



November 5th was ‘Bonfire Night’ and so Class 5 used an Object Based Drawing Package to produce some colourful fireworks pictures. The program which Class 5 used was Microsoft Publisher. As part of this work the children learned about layering objects on top of each other, using gradient fills and inserting different shapes using the autoshapes tool. Some of the children even started experimenting with making objects transparent.

Here is a gallery of their fantastic fiery fireworks pictures!

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Loudmouth theatre group

On 21st October we had a visit from Loudmouth theatre group who helped us to explore relationships. We discussed what makes a positive relationship and the behaviour that shows relationships that are not positive. We talked with our visitors about who could help us if we were having problems in any of our relationships. As well as our family, friends and teachers we learnt that Childline are also there to listen if we need them. Their telephone number is 0800 1111.