Monthly Archives: January 2011

Fire Safety

In January we had a visit from 5 fire fighters based at Woodgate Valley Fire Station. They came to teach us about fire safety and road safety too.

We learnt how to call the fire brigade in an emergency by dialling 999 FREE from any phone and how dangerous hoax calls can be.

We learnt what fire dangers may be in our homes and were asked to be Junior Fire Investigators for our parents and show them where any hazards may be.

The fire fighters told us how important it is to have a smoke detector in our homes and that they must be tested regularly. If you don’t have a smoke detector call 0121 380 7532 for help to get one.

The fire brigade are called out to lots of road traffic accidents and so they taught us how to stay safe when out walking or travelling in cars with our families.

One of the most important things we were asked to do was plan an escape route in our home. We had to imagine a fire was in our homes and think of the different ways we could get outside to safety.

Thank you to the fire fighters who taught us so much.