Monthly Archives: March 2011

Good work cards

This week’s good work cards were awarded to:


for continuing to practise joined handwriting successfully



for her work on fractions this week.

Well done!


Science and Engineering Week Part 2!

After our microscopy workshop we went to see ‘The Magic of Chemistry’. We got to see lots of chemical reactions take place and we were able to change clear liquid to blue just by shaking it. A couple of us got ‘cut’ as we learnt how fake blood is used in movies and we made ‘Elephant toothpaste’ with washing up liquid.

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 Here’s the link to the Storymaker website. If you write a really good story, why don’t you bring it into school and show it to me.

Click HERE to go to the Storymaker website.

Mr. K.

Good work

This week’s good work cards were awarded to:


for brilliant participation in Guided Reading this week



for his excellent participation during our visit to King Edwards School.

Well done, keep up the great work!

Science and Engineering Week Part 1

We had an amazing morning at King Edward School. We started with a Microscopy workshop.

We looked at cells from our cheeks, we looked at insects through a microscope, we even made our own insect masks!

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