Monthly Archives: November 2012

Good Work winners!

Congratulations this week to Cameron and Cory.

Cameron has been working tremendously hard both at home and at school to improve his “telling the time” skills.  This effort is really starting to pay off .   Well done Cameron! :- ) 

Cory is putting in a greater effort with learning his weekly spellings, and his increasing marks are reflecting this extra work.  His vocabulary range within his writing is consequently improving too.   Keep it up Cory! 🙂


Good work winners 23.11.12

Good work winners 23.11.12

Harvey has worked particularly hard this week to improve his time knowledge. He has now mastered quarter past and quarter to. Well done Harvey, keep this up next week when we will be doing further work on time.

Hannah has been chosen for her amazing work plotting coordinates of shapes onto a one quadrant grid. Her work was beautifully presented too.