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Good morning class 5!

Another snow day!

Remember to practise those times tables using the tricks I have taught you please.  Don’t forget to log on to the brilliant website and try out some of the games.

You also have your homework to do!!

Have fun,

Miss Clifton 🙂




Snow Day!!

Hi Class 5!  Here’s a really good Numeracy website to have a look at: 

There are lots of interactive games to play, and the number area is particularly good for practising calculations of all 4 operations. 
Today is a really good opportunity to practise any times tables you are less confident with.  Remember the tricks we learnt this week!
I would also like you to write a set of instructions, ready for our next DT lesson, detailing exactly how you intend to make your musical instruments.
Enjoy the snow – be careful!!!
Miss Clifton 🙂